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Monologue Mania Day # 1642 iPirates! (Opening monologue) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Aug. 15, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1642 iPirates!  (Opening monologue) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Aug. 15, 2018        
This is the opening monologue for the movie mentioned in DAY # 23 

                                  Opening Monologue

                                 by Janet S. Tiger  (c) all rights reserved   2014                                                              tigerteam1@gmail.com

Act 1-
iPirates! - (think - Hackers of the Caribbean)

Monologue for opening

                                            Voice-over - VINCENT
                        What little boy doesn't want to be a pirate?  I mean, there is no downside to pirates!  They are brave and strong and no one bullies      them around......

EXT.  Great battle on the open seas
We see a scene with pirates fighting their way from their ship onto another          ...the handsome Captain leading the way by - of course -swinging in on a rope.

                                                V-O- VINCENT
                                And girls like them......

EXT. Ship
We see the Captain kissing a beautiful captive on the attacked ship.

                                                V-O - VINCENT
                                And they have lots of fun......

EXT. Pirates on ship carousing, in town, carousing
We see the pirates drinking and looting and having pirate fun.

                                                  V-O -VINCENT
                    And they never get nagged by their mothers.....

Now we see a little boy in a pirate outfit playing with friends as his                         mother comes in and complains about the mess

                                          V-O -VINCENT  (resigned, sighing)
                    I guess some things never change.....

We now see VINCENT RYAN, a nice-looking geeky young man - think Shia LaBaoef - sitting by a computer in his room, surrounded by mess, and a mother yelling at him that it's time for work.

He grabs things in a rush, puts on shoes that are falling apart and runs out.

Now we see him standing in front of a crowd, hair still a little awry,   While he is speaking, we see images of him at work in his room, interspersed with pirate scenes.

                                    (Still geeky, but now impassioned)
                       Why did I become a pirate chaser?  Because nowadays, that's the closest thing you can get to hunting down criminals....without        actually getting hurt.

But it's also because these modern day thieves - I like to think of                  it as Cyber-Sea Piracy.....these thieves are not only stealing                       money....lots and lots of money!......when they steal all these things - the money and identities and actual merchandise.....they are  stealing something that can never  be found or given back - time!

How much time does anyone have?  No one knows!  Who wants to                spend days, weeks, months - in some cases years!- fixing what                    these modern-day pirates have stolen?  No, I am one of the few                  people who figures out where they are hiding - whether it's Russia                or South America or here in the good old USA - and when I find                   them, I shut them down.

 And make sure the police get them and they are prosecuted and                   everyone is a tiny bit safer when you use your computer or cell                     phone!

And that, ladies and gentlemen,  is why we need the funding for                 Google Track Down - an international cooperative of the world's                   best pirate chasers - so we can truly make cyber space a safe                       place for everyone!

                        Thank you!

                        (He sits down to applause)


First posted Mar. 9, 2014  Day #25  

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