Thursday, August 2, 2018

Monologue Mania Day # 1629 Smile by Janet S. Tiger (c) Aug. 2, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1629 by Janet S. Tiger (c) Aug. 2, 2018
                      a monologue  by Janet S. Tiger (c)  2018
               all rights reserved

(Time - The future.....maybe the too-near future.
Woman in futuristic nurse-ish uniform enters, has mini computer in hand, she is pushing some buttons and shaking her head, very upset)

I am here because I am upset, no, horrified!  At the rate that we are losing our patients!  And I don't mean they have wandered away!

This week alone, 23 have checked out...permanently!

There are 17 who are in critical and the families are screaming!  And so now....I am screaming!

          (She screams to illustrate)

Do you people understand why you are here?  Do you remember your purpose?

We are funded by the number of LIVING people we take care of!

That means BREATHING!  It's not that hard!  They don't have to walk, they barely have to talk, and they can watch TV between meals!  This is what we pay you for!

        (Shakes her head)

We tried robots, God knows they are easier to deal with, but found that, just like with babies, older people do not respond well to robots, so we have, in our industry, the only reversal of hiring, in other words, we are hiring you humans to take care of other humans!

That would be you people!  You pitiful bunch of losers!

Don't you understand if all these old people die, there will be no jobs for YOU!

Do you understand?



        (Listens and nods)

That's better.  Now how are we going to deal with these people in these beds?

And most of all, we are going to KEEP THEM ALIVE!

        (Takes a deep breath)

So what are we going to do now?   That's right!  Get out there and SMILE!

         (She gives a big smile and exits)


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Jennifer Silva Redmond said...

Hah! LOve made me smile. SO, I'm wierd, right?