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Monologue Mania Day #1039 Done (third scene) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Dec. 17, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #1039 Done by Janet S. Tiger (c) Dec. 17, 2016

                                 A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved

        (The actor is in his 80s, but in decent shape.  The only sign of obvious aging is a shaking hand when he takes a drink, but he quickly is able to quiet the hand.  He takes the drink in one gulp, turns and smiles, he speaks with a veddy British accent)

You have been a wonderful reporter.  I truly appreciate your attention to detail. These last few months have been truly delightful.  

I see you've finished with your drink, dear,   If you're a bit woozy, that's just the additive.  But not to worry, all I need is for you to asleep for just a few hours, until the final scene is over.

Why?  Because I really don't want you to think that, out of some sort of I don't know, misplaced feeling for me, or possibly a strange sense of justice, that you might attempt to stop me.

You have paid attention to my stories, I know.  I enjoyed sharing them.  I waited to see how much you figured out on your own, but even I am amazed at how I have managed to be so.....undetected.

I explained to you how I always have researched my I tried very hard to learn really what it was like to be the character I was I was in the circus as an animal handler before I took the role with Burt Lancaster....he was wonderful!  So handsome!  And such an athlete - his muscles had muscles!

And when I needed to be an accountant, I went back to school, took classes, actually worked for those Blockhead people at tax that was educational!

Of course, playing someone gay was easy, I find love of either sex equally satisfying, as you my dear, have discovered I hope........and my movie last year, where I have the affair with my son's wife, a much younger woman, I hope you realized, that I practiced with you!  And it was a wonderful practice.......

But my earlier films, where I played....a bad guy....a murderer....well, I don't think you realized that.....I practiced for that, too.

I see the look on your face - you're wondering if it's the drug, no, dear, it's the truth.

I was a young actor, and I wanted all the experiences of what I was to act.  And being a serial killer meant......killing several people.

Not easy to do, as I had been raised with that old jingle of 'that shalt not kill'.....but anything can be learned if you study hard enough, and I did.  Before the movie started, I spent a few weeks in New York, and then Chicago.  Two murders......both of people I chose in the less nice areas of town.  Drunks who were mean, who did mean things.  In New York, I used a knife, that was so messy, and very hard to do, actually.  So in Chicago, I used a rope.  I was very careful, as is evidenced by the fact no one ever caught me.  

But that's how I got my first nomination.  (quoting) 'A performance that is chillingly authentic.'
And it was.  Because I knew what killing felt like, how it felt to remove the last bit of life from another.  

        (Listens, laughs)

Oh, my sweet girl!  If I had wanted to kill others, I could have, but that would not have been for art, it would have been.....wrong.  And I don't want to kill will wake up in about 12 to 24 hours and when you do, your phone will be next to you, you will be able to call for help.

And you will be very famous, you have all the details - and we've had an affair!  So, sex, just doesn't get any better!  You see, I have had a good life, but this shaking.....I can't keep acting with it....not at my age.....I'm due for something big, a stroke, heart attack, cancer.....all the unfun things about aging, which will remove my choices.  So..... I'm done......this will be my last scene.  I never talked about my last movie  - because I was worried you might try to stop me.....I just couldn't take that chance...

         (He turns to leave, stops, looks back, listens)

You see, in this film, I commit suicide....and I can only do that...... once......

         (He exits, end of scene)

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