Monday, December 5, 2016

Monologue Mania Day #1027 The Other Side of the Crash by Janet S. Tiger (c) Dec. 5, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #1027 The Other Side of the Crash by Janet S. Tiger (c) Dec. 5, 2016

                   The Other Side of the Crash

                                               (for Caregivers Anonymous)
                                                      by Janet S. Tiger
                                                   © all rights reserved

          (Actor enters, wearing.....a bug suit? Carrying a mop?  Actor's choice here)

In the horror movie, the bug is seen growing.....or maybe not seen, but you sense it.  Something bad......what's coming soon.

But for those of us who take care, there are other horrors we watch and shudder about.

The crash takes a second - dish against wall, table overturned, food thrown onto another person - the mess made,
the laugh taken, the moment preserved in celluloid history.

But the there's the time consumption!

A dish/glass broken - at least a few moments to get all the pieces.  In the case of a glass, maybe a full half hour 
to chase every shard and sliver so a barefoot child will not land on one and get a cut, or infection from the cut.

The food on clothing-  a full court washing, and the table overturned - we're talking maybe more than an hour 
for the full clean - and that's if the table isn't broken....

So when they show it in the movie, or on TV, we all laugh, but everyone who is a caregiver shudders.....because 
we know the truth about...what's coming.

And it's not a funny scene.

It's a person we care for, care about......and we told them not to get up without help, and yet, in a fit of
independence, they do, but they don't make it to the time....

So, it's clean-up patrol.  After the crash.....the survivors get to clean up.....

          (Actor turns to leave, stops, looks back)

Not a complaint, but an observation......

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