Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Monologue Mania Day #1036 One Little Mistake by Janet S. Tiger (c) Dec. 14, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #1036 One Little Mistake  by Janet S. Tiger (c) Dec. 14, 2016
                             One Little Mistake
                                 A monologue by Janet S. Tiger (c) Dec, 2016   all rights reserved     

             (Actor shakes head, sits heavily, then stands, paces)

  I can't believe that this is still on my mind, after all these years, you know.  I thought it would be gone, but all it takes, all it takes is one little traffic stop.  I mean, it was just a taillight, and all I got was a damned ticket....but still, I thought the cop would've heard my heart beating like a hammer.

How many years is it?  I'm 67, so like fifty...fifty - one years.....I was sixteen, my first car.  My first trip.  My first.....everything.  I was driving all day, then all night.  Was gonna meet some buddies I knew before we moved.  They were gonna love my wheels!  It was a beater, but, it was my beater!  A Buick Special.....heavy bumpers.....a big small car.  It was gettin late.....and I was driving into the setting sun....there was a hill and as I came over the top....there he was.....some guy just standing an old blanket! the middle of the damned road! the time I got my eyes adjusted, it was just too late!

I mean, I couldn't stop!  I just hit him!  And I heard that noise....and some crunches as I went over the body!  And.......I knew.....I knew he was dead!

         (Puts his hands over his face)

I did stop, but he was gone.....and I.....I just got into my car and I left!  I was scared and I didn't want trouble!  And he was dead......

One mistake, my whole life, one mistake!  And when I got to my friends, I didn't even have a drink with them, they thought I was nuts, but I never drank again.....from that day to this, because I never wanted to get drunk and tell someone.....I never stay over with a woman, and when I got married, all three times......I slept in another room.....I never wanted someone to hear me talk in my sleep.....but's the great part, my friend........they tell me mind's going.....Alzheimer crap......and what do I do now?

 I wish I didn't have a conscience.......such as it is......sometimes I wonder what happened to that guy I hit.  I looked in the paper, nothing.  I would shudder when I saw a cop.  I would shake when the doorbell rang.....but the years went by.....

Can they arrest me after so many years? 

Boy I love talking to you!  I mean, you can't hear what I say, you can't tell anyone.......that's what happens talk to ghosts......

             (Exits, returns wrapped in an old blanket)

I was just waiting for the next car, that's all.  It was fast.  I could hear him coming.  They like to go fast out there on the straight cars around.  They pretend like they're flyin'!  When I was that age, when I had a car.....I did it, too.....but by then, I didn't have no car no family, no body to I was my time......

And so i waited, with the sun behind me......I could hear him coming........

          (He opens his arms and lets the blanket spread wide, then crumples, gets up slowly)

It was fast!  And the best part, he stopped to make sure he did it right.  That I was dead.  And he was a nice guy...that's why I decided to hop in the back keep him company, so's he wouldn't worry about me......that's how we got to be friends.......

And now......we're driving out to where it happened......and he's gonna be the one standing in the road.....waiting for the next driver....for the sun to set in someone's eyes.......

          (He takes the blanket around himself and turns away, then back again, resolute)

I figure, this is the best one knows me.....I'll just wait until I hear someone coming....the sun is so bright today!  I can hear a car......

          (Listens, smiles)

No more worrying!  No more bein' scared when I see a cop!  After all these years, I'm gonna be free!

          (He turns away and opens the blanket wide, then shudders and falls, leaves the blanket and gets up)

Hey, I think I'll just hop in the back seat.....this guy looks, like he needs a coupla friends.....come on, buddy, let's go for a ride......wait for can't leave without just can''ll see....

         (He takes the blanket, dragging it as he leaves.  One end.)

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Jennifer Silva Redmond said...

Wow. That one's heavy...but so realistic. Makes me shiver.