Thursday, September 29, 2016

Monologue Mania Day #960 Voting Writes (for the Senior Channel) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 29, 2016

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 Monologue Mania Day #960 Voting Writes  by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 29, 2016

                    Voting Writes
                                     (for Senior Channel)
                                                by Janet S. Tiger   
                                     c)  2016    all rights reserved

         (The older actor is dressed in something patriotic - red, white and blue, the flag, apple pie?  Enters holding a large envelope, very annoyed)

See this?  

          (Holds up the envelope, then takes out a pen, marks a big X on the envelope)

There!  I have defaced a ballot!   My act of civil disobediance for the decade! 

Am I encouraging everyone not to vote?  Of course not!  I am virulently opposed to not voting, but I want it to be REAL voting.....where you haul your sorry rear end over to the polls and mark the ballot, or pull the lever, or leave your mark in blood!  I don't care, just vote on election day, not a month before, or two weeks before, or right after you saw the debates.....not even the day before, just go and vote on election DAY!

There, I said it.  

           (Cups hands, listens)

Why?  Isn't it obvious?  The whole point of the election is your view...ON ELECTION DAY!  I mean, what if you mailed in that  ballot and then changed your mind?  Or the candidate said something and you just HAD to vote for them?

I understand about disabled people, and people who can't drive anymore, but for the rest of us, voting is a honor!  And if we allow this mail voting to grow - to insist we all vote by mail, or worse....BY COMPUTER!.....we are leaving our future in the hands of the hackers......and that is just not what our country was founded, one man, one vote....excuse PERSON, one vote....there, I said it, and I just hope people listen....


Okay, I gotta go, got it!  

           (Starts to leave, stops suddenly and turns back)

(Horrified)  I mean, what if you already voted for someone.....and the candidate dies!  (Thinks)  I guess we'd just have to check with my cousin in Chicago on that one......

            (Exits to hand)

           And to all who vote- no matter which way!......thank you!

Janet S. Tiger    858-736-6315      
Member Dramatists Guild since 1983
Swedenborg Hall 2006-8

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