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Monologue Mania Day #932 Frozen (opening scene- revised) (c) Sept. 1, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #932 Frozen (opening scene- revised)  (c) Sept. 1,  2016

One day, I will finish all these plays......and if you believe that, I have a nice bridge for you in Brooklyn.......(but I hope to finish this one someday, I can see it onstage!)

Original post -  Day# 258   Frozen (opening)   Oct. 28, 2014 
                                                  (opening scene)
                                                   by Janet S. Tiger 
                                             © 2014 all rights reserved

                            (We see a young man on a hospital bed, he is not moving at all, with all types of tubes in him.  The sound of machines beeping.  He suddenly sits up and the tubes remain behind.  He looks around, starts to smile and jumps out of bed, now starts laughing and then, skipping.   He looks at the audience,smiles.)

Pretty good for a guy in a coma, huh?

Well, watch this.  

             (He does a handstand/cartwheel.)

It's amazing what you can do in your head.  I realized I have to talk to someone, and since no one can hear me speak, I'll have to talk to all of you in my head.   

            (Points to the back)  You, Coach Richardson - I could always talk with you about anything.   And you gave me good advice.   And over there (he indicates someone in the front)  Aunt Ella, I'm gonna sit and have some cookies with you and make you laugh and laugh!  

             (He eats a cookie and bends over laughing)

And I can talk to you anytime I want! 

             (He goes back to the hospital bed and points at it.)

I've been in there over five years now. 

            (Shudders while remembering)

At first, I wanted to die.   You see, I cannot move a muscle.  Interesting expression.  But this is the situation -  

             (He illustrates while talking)

...I was 23, in good shape, just had dinner with my friends....(rubs his stomach)  we had steak....I remember how delicious it was....and .I was driving home (indicates a steering wheel)   I hadn't been drinking......but the guy in the other car was wasted BOOM! 

I wake up here, and when I try to move....nothing.   But I can hear everyone talking - and worse, I can feel everything!   Every bone that was broken, every time they jab me....I can feel the pain, but no one knows.

It's kind of like being invisible...or frozen.  The only one who knows I'm still in here is my mother.   She comes every day, and she talks to me, and (this is hard for him) she tries to get them to understand that I'm still in here.

But no one listens to her either.   Well, they pretend to listen.  But they're humoring her, I can tell.   They feel sorry for her.   Her only son, and he's a vegetable and she's just watering him.

(Deep sigh)  The first few months I wanted to die.  I prayed to die.   I prayed to reach my mother to let me die.  And then I realized I was like a tree, only not growing.  A petrified tree.  (Laughs a little)

And then I realized that since people didn't know I could hear them, they would say things and do things.

Like Nurse Gonzales......(he bends over to indicate a little nurse, imitating her voice).......Mister Bautner, I am going to change you now, please excuse me.  Ooh, you have a little doody today.......I am going to clean it up and you will be all nice and fresh....

(Back to himself)  In some ways I feel like an animal - people see an animal, but assume the animal doesn't understand.   (Changes)  But what if the animal did understand?  What if he heard something that the person figured he never would be able to act upon.....That's why I don't want to die anymore, you see....I know something.   Knowledge IS power.  It is the power that is keeping me going.  It is the inner strength that now has me praying to have my mother find a way to help me - rather than let me die.

You see.....someone told me a secret.  Actually, many people tell me secrets - most of them are very boring.  The man who cleans this room for the last year has a girlfriend in the pharmacy - and a wife in Mexico.  The nurse who used to give me sponge baths is addicted to soap operas. Everyone has a secret to tell me - like I was a priest....a silent helped pass the time.....and then... (he is remembering) ...then.....someone told me a different kind of secret.   A very bad secret. They figured their secret was safe with me!  That I could never repeat it, because I..... never heard it.  

But the person who told me had no idea that knowing this secret has inspired me to live so that I can.....(stops to listen)  They're coming back...a nurse, a doctor, a janitor...a visitor?   No, not after 5 years.  Probably just someone to check my diaper.  That's always fun.  So ..... I think I'll get back into my body.

              (He moves towards the bed.)
What's the secret?  (Laughs loudly)  Do you think you can get away with hearing it in only a few minutes?  What has taken me years of being frozen to hear?  (Holds up his arms)   Okay, I'll give you a clue....someone died....and no one knows it was murder....except the murderer.....and me....

             (He gets into the bed as we hear voices coming.  Blackout.)
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