Friday, September 2, 2016

Monologue Mania Day #933 Patience by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 2, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #933 Patience by Janet S. Tiger (c) Sept. 2,  2016

                                           (for the as yet untitled play )

                                               by Janet S. Tiger 
                                             © 2016 all rights reserved

It's best to read this one first - I Can Wait as it is the first scene in this as yet untitled play

This is from the end of the second scene

            (Sean is older now, 28, and the scene is reminiscent of the opening scene, a birthday, but not fully ready yet.  Sean and Moira's daughter, Kelly, 20, have been talking because she cannot understand why he isn't interested in marrying any of the girls he's been seeing in town)

(Irish accent) You ask me where I learned m' patience from, well, I can ya, it was from a most impatient man, m' dear dead father, who taught me well.....I was little, maybe four, five years old, and it was dinner time and I was hungry, and m' mum had put a plate of sausages on the table and I grabbed one....

          (He reaches out, tastes it)

She was a terrible cook, God rest her soul, but thank the Lord, even she couldn't ruin a sausage!

She told me to wait until dinner, but then me dad saw, and he took the sausage away.....and he....beat me.

And when he was done he stood me by the table and told me I had to wait to eat until he gave me permission to eat, and I stood there, in pain, and watched them all eat, m' sisters and brothers.... and finally, I couldn't take it, and I reached out.....

        (He reaches out)

And he beat me again......and when me mum tried to stop it......(shudders) he smacked her across the face........all the beatings.....when he hit ma......(he sighs deeply)......that was what hurt the most......

So for two weeks he did this.....and my ma would give me nibbles before dinner, so I could hold out better, and.....I learned to be patient.....         

But part o' life is knowing.....when to be patient.....and when to do somethin'......the day I turned twelve, I decided to do somethin'.....I left....he'd turned my mum into a drunken old lady.....and I'll always hate him for that......but i had to I took what little I had....and I stole from him......all the beer I could carry.......and I left......and I didn't get far.....because even though I wasn't a small boy, .....the first beer ya have......that knocks you out!

         (He remembers, throwing something imaginary and wobbling)

I took the empty bottles and pitched them through the windows in m' dad's pub!  What a sound it made!  Breakin' glass....breakin' out!  It felt like I had just started to be alive!

And then the police showed up......and I was sicker than a horse with the choke!  They knew my dad, and that he deserved much worse than a broken window!......and they......they saved m' life.....they took me here......

And that was 16 years I have your ma since the moment I opened me eyes and saw her beautiful face.....

       (He closes his eyes, remembering)

And that, m'dear Kelly, is why I have patience ......and it's the only thing I can thank my father for.......that and his beer......because if I hadn't taken action.....and gotten drunk!.......I never woulda ended up here.......

Have you never seen something so beautiful your heart just ached to look at it? Somethin' that takes your breath away......  a sunset, a horse, or maybe ....maybe that young man who comes to sell us new gadgets too many times a month?

        (He smiles as she blushes and turns away)

Somethin' that , that....even when you ache to call it have the patience to wait see it is just so perfect, even though you know nothing will always be perfect in your eyes...........Well, that's the way I feel about your ma......

       (The lights dim on them as we hear some people approaching.  End of this part of the scene)


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