Friday, June 6, 2014

Monologue Mania Day #114 M-Day by Janet S. Tiger c) June 6, 2014

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Monologue Mania Day #114  by Janet S. Tiger    M- Day   c) June 6, 2014
                                                    M- Day-
                                                      Moving Day
                                                     by Janet S. Tiger
                               (c) June 6, 2014 all rights reserved

         (A woman comes onstage.  She is carrying a bag.  She is smiling)

We did it.  We moved.  And I am home.......thank you God.......
Today our family moved - from a house we'd been in for 26 years.  It was not easy, but we did it.

Not enough boxes, too much stuff.  Too many decisions....a tsunami of decisions.  And, like a tsunami, the weeks, months of anticipation, the horror of the impending event, the sucking back of the sea as everyone runs for the hills, never fast enough, never enough boxes, always too much stuff.  Then the wave hits, and the power is amazing, the strength of the elements pouring on you......time gets shorter and shorter and as the wave of the move fully hits, you are just struggling to stay alive, with no way of holding onto anything concrete (as all the concrete has sunk) and only boxes are floating by.

Then the wave is gone - and only the debris remains.  The items that should have been thrown out, back on your shore.  Other treasures gone forever.  And the most valuable lesson of working together to succeed is the finest memory you have.

Not to compare moving with anything very serious - like an illness or death.


Today was also the anniversary of an incredible day - D- Day, and no problems with moving - nothing I could write ever write - could come close to the experience those people went through on that incredible day.  A day that changed the world forever.

Just like this move will change my world forever.

Something to think about.

      (She starts to exit, looks back)

Now where the hell are my glasses?

      (She shakes her head and goes to look for them.)

(Not the end - the beginning of a new chapter.....a huge thank you to family and friends who helped us during this incredibly difficult time.  We have a safe roof over our heads, and we are ready to face the future with renewed faith in our fellow human beings.  You are awesome - and you know who you are!)

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