Monday, June 2, 2014

Monologue Mania Day # 110 by Janet S. Tiger Update  (c)June 2,  2014

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Monologue Mania Day # 110 by Janet S. Tiger  Update  (c)June 2,  2014

                                                    Update (for Senior Channel)
                                                by Janet S. Tiger   
                                     c) June 2, 2014     all rights reserved

           (A woman comes out onstage, she is holding a pile of letters.)

This is wonderful, I just love how ordinary people like me can come onto the Senior Channel and complain.  No one else likes to hear me complain, so this is very nice!

          (She holds up the letters)

My complaint has to do with updates people send, especially around the holidays.

These are the Christmas updates from my cousin Louise.  She's been sending them ever since she was first married.  I have that one right here.....

           (She holds one up)

I'm not going to read them to you because that would take a lot of time, and then someone would come on complaining about me!

So I will just say that her updates were always in rhyme - she took weeks to write them, and, as her family grew, they got longer.....

         (She holds up one that is many pages long)

I have heard many people complain about these updates - and that is my complaint.  Not the updates, but the people who complain about them.

Why?  Because last year, my cousin Louise was hit by a truck, and she died instantly, which was good, I suppose, because had she lived, it would not have been easy.  So Louise will not write her update this Christmas, and I will miss it.  And those who complain can just throw the letters out if they want, because if I had my way, I would be happy to read Louise's update.

          (She turns to go, looks back.)

Unless of course, she figures out how to send one from heaven!  And if anyone could do it, Louise could!

         (She smiles and exits. The end of Louise's updates....we think.)
This one honors cousin Debbie - may she rest in peace.  We will always miss her wonderful yearly updates - in rhyme!

Janet S. Tiger    858-274-9678
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Swedenborg Hall 2006-8

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