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Monologue Mania Day #873 LOCKER ROOM CHANGES by Janet S. Tiger (c) July 4, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #873 LOCKER ROOM CHANGES by Janet S. Tiger (c) July 4,  2016

 Happy 4th of July!  For a previous 4th monologue click here              
         First production - July 3, 2016 San Diego Fringe Festival - That24HourThing
Instead of a monologue, am posting the complete one-act here tonight because, for some strange reason, after writing a one-act in 24 hours, am tired!  So here is the one-act - with some changes......

                                     Locker Room Changes(c)
                                                                       a play in one-act
                                                       by Janet S. Tiger  (c) July 2, 2016

Setting -  Locker Room
Prop  -  Photograph

Characters  (in order of appearance)

          TOMAS  - late 30s-40s  (slight Mexican-American accent)

          JEREMY – 20s

          BOBBY  -  30s (Southern accent)

          (Man walks out, dressed in the whites of a person who works in a gym.  This is          Tomas, and he has a cart and some towels.  He walks over to the audience,          offers a towel and takes one back, puts it in the cart)

TOMAS  - (Very slight Mexican accent) That's ok, I got it, no problem, you don't have to worry about puttin' it into the container over there, this way, I can           just save you a trip, man.

          .....Your first time here, I can tell, hope you like it, hope you decide to get a        membership...or just come in when you want.....we've been here a long time.....


          Yeah, I been here since I was a kid, helpin' my dad, back before the           neighborhood was know?  Back when I had to collect the towels          because people would steal 'em, not like now, when half the people bring their    own towels, ....big towels.....sometimes they leave 'em behind and I take 'em     and give them to the Goodwill because we can't keep 'em, too much trouble.

          So be careful, don't leave nothing all gets tossed......shampoo,         razors…(smiles)…..thongs……

        (A young man enters, sweaty, with a racquetball racquet, nods to Tomas, who   waves)

TOMAS - Hey, Jeremy!  Good game?

          (Jeremy sniffs under his arm)

JEREMY -  Yeah, man!  Great game!

          (Jeremy starts to undress)

TOMAS -  Anything you need, just ask.....

          (Turns to the audience, listens, laughs)

TOMAS -  Well, locker rooms, you gotta love ‘em!  A lot gets changed in a locker          room….They're interesting places......any place where people got no      clothes on, they got no all hangs out, so to speak!  You see, when you're naked, most people have that little tiny voice in their head that makes          them nervous....that voice that says....'hey, what if there's an earthquake, or a     fire......and I have no clothes on?  What         am I gonna do?

         (At this, a woman bursts into the room, on a cell phone, in a big rush, this is        BOBBY and she is in her late 30s, very much in control.)

BOBBY – (Southern accent)  Have no visual contact with suspect at this time, am     checking out the men's locker room now....

JEREMY -  What the hell are you doing?

          (Jeremy has jumped up at this and tries to cover himself, she smiles and shakes          her head)

BOBBY -  Don't worry, we're not looking for you, big boy!

JEREMY -   This is the MEN'S locker room!

BOBBY -  I'm a detective , I am well aware this is the men’s room!  It just so           happens, we have a felony suspect who may be hiding in this area….

TOMAS -  There's nobody here….

           (She looks at them both)

BOBBY -  I can see that.....but I have to check...

           (She looks into lockers, goes offstage to look in the bathroom)

TOMAS -  And that's why people don't like to be naked.......

JEREMY -  Can she do that?  I mean, just barge in like that?

TOMAS -  The police can do whatever they want.....that I know from bitter           experience.....

            (Bobby comes back in and looks at them)

BOBBY -  Someone in this gym is live streaming video of the locker rooms and           workout got a million hits on youtube before it got shut down…

            (Jeremy and Tomas look around)

BOBBY -  Relax gentlemen, I doubt it's either one of you, but I do have to ask some questions.

JEREMY -  Ok, but, can I get dressed?

BOBBY – Just one little minute....

           (She looks him over and he is embarrassed)

BOBBY -  Just checking for cameras.....turn around….

JEREMY – Where exactly do you have to look?

BOBBY -  Easy young man, I’m looking for signs of electronic wiring, and… any        chance….do you wear glasses?

JEREMY -  Yeah, but....

BOBBY -  May I see them?

          (Jeremy takes his glasses from his locker, hands them to her)

JEREMY -  Why do you need my glasses?

BOBBY -  Because they make the cameras small enough to fit right here.....

           (She indicates the frame)

TOMAS -  So it could be anyone? Right?

           (She looks at him)

BOBBY -  Do you wear glasses?

TOMAS -  No, only to watch TV, and since I don't watch

BOBBY -  Lemme look at that cart.....

JEREMY -  (Getting interested)  So.... it was  Maybe someone           copied it before it was shut down!

            (He takes out his phone, Bobby shakes her head)

BOBBY -  So first you're embarrassed and now you wanna watch?  Incredible!  

            (Jeremy looks ashamed and puts his phone away awkwardly)

BOBBY -  Was anyone here before?

TOMAS -  Only us chickens.....but I know this guy a long time…..

           (He indicates Jeremy, then points to the audience)

TOMAS  -  And it's their first day.....

           (Bobby looks for a minute at the audience and then turns back to Jeremy and    Tomas)

BOBBY -  There's evidence of a longterm observation....

JEREMY -  How can they know that...I mean, does someone watch?  Do they see     people, like, losing weight?  Or losing hair?  

BOBBY -  Why don't you leave the police work to us, and we'll let you.....what is it     you do, Mr..?

JEREMY -  Farber....Jeremy Farber......I’m in computers, and I just had a very tough           day, so, like, how long before you leave and we can take a shower…..

BOBBY -  Jeremy....Mr. Farber......once you give me your contact information, you    can take a shower whenever you want, with whoever you want…..

             (Jeremy takes out a business card and hands it to her with a smile– she looks at it and scans it on her phone)

JEREMY -  (Trying a new approach)  I’ve never dated a cop….I mean a policewoman         before, but if you want, just give me a call…..

           (She looks at him until he becomes uncomfortable)

BOBBY -  You can go take that cold shower now, Mr. Farber…..

           (Jeremy looks around)

JEREMY -  I can wait….

BOBBY -  Wait for what?  Spring time?  You got a problem with a woman here?            You got some kind of prejudice against me?

JEREMY -  No!  I mean, no…..

BOBBY -  I know your type… are just a young man who is nice to women to     their face, but behind their back, you are no gentleman!  You think that a woman has no place in a job that a man should have, and no place in the White           House and no place in the men’s room!  Well, I have news for you, I belong         right where I am!  And don’t you evah forget it!

JEREMY – (She nailed it, but he knows enough to shut up)   No, ma’am.

BOBBY -  Good, because I actually know this place pretty well, which is why they   sent me in here…..

JEREMY -  You’ve been here before?

BOBBY -  No kiddin!  I played racquetball here many times……you may remember    me , Jeremy….I used to beat the pants off you…..

JEREMY -  (A lot horrified)  I don’t remember playing racquetball with you…..

BOBBY -  No?  You don’t remember …your old friend, Bobby?  Here, this might           give you a hint…….

             (She takes out a photograph and goes to show Jeremy as Tomas turns to the           audience.)

TOMAS -  Remember I told you about how people are afraid of being naked….this is       another reason why!

          (Jeremy looks at the photo)

JEREMY -  But Bobby disappeared a couple of years ago…..we thought he           moved…..

,         (Jeremy now looks at Bobby – especially her chest – and he shudders)

JEREMY (Starts to dawn)  Oh, my God!

            (He gets his stuff and rushes to leave)

JEREMY -  I knew there was something about that guy…that girl……

            (He exits only looking back shaking his head, still astonished)

BOBBY -  And they say there’s no hope for the world…..

            (Bobby turns to Tomas and she smiles at him, he nods back)

TOMAS -  I thought it was you…..same accent…….the younger ones, they don’t pay     attention to things like that because it’s not on their phones….

BOBBY -  His face was worth it, though….

TOMAS -  Yes it was… know, I got an idea who it is with the video….I’ll show who I think it is on the surveillance cameras…..

BOBBY -  Yeah?  You always had a good eye for detail, Tomas…..

TOMAS -  Thank you.  I’ve been watching him for awhile……he likes to walk           around too much….and he makes too much eye contact…..people in locker rooms usually keep their eyes down……

BOBBY -  I’ll check it out……Good seeing you, Tomas, I’m glad it’s this side of the           bars…….

TOMAS -  Me, too, my friend…..I’ve missed you…. if you have a minute, when you’re not capturing people, maybe …..we can get a coffee sometime…..

BOBBY -  Or something stronger….

TOMAS -  Maybe tonight….

BOBBY -  I’m off in an hour…..

TOMAS -  Me, too….

           (He smiles and she looks at him)

BOBBY -  You okay with this?

TOMAS -   There's always a first time for everything......

           (They come together, hug)

TOMAS -  And this is the first time....I've ever kissed....a cop......

          (They kiss briefly and she pulls away and exits, looking back)

BOBBY -  Tomas, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…..

          (Tomas turns to the audience)

TOMAS - (Smiling)  A lot gets changed in a locker room…....

         (He takes the cart and whistles as he leaves.  The end)


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