Friday, May 16, 2014

Monologue Mania Day #93 One Foot in Each Door (response - scene 1 continues) by Janet S. Tiger c) May 16, 2014

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Monologue Mania Day #93 One Foot in Each Door (response - scene 1 continues) by Janet S. Tiger  c) May 16, 2014  
Although this monologue will stand on its own, to fully understand this, please, read Day #92

                                             One Foot in Each Door (response - scene 1 continues)
                                                  by Janet S. Tiger
                                             © 2014 all rights reserved


              (We see the man who gave the dollar bill and he is just shaking his head, he is steaming)

What the hell kind of bastard are you, man?

I mean, I was trying to do a good deed - you looked kinda down, and maybe you were homeless, and I thought another human being doin something nice would be kind of like, hey, a pleasant gesture....but NOOOOO, you may be richer than I am!  Actually, from what you just told me, I'd bet money you were richer than I am, because I'm not rich.

I'm just a guy who knows what it's like to be down and out - hey, I lived on the streets for five years myself, and until I pulled myself up, I woulda been happy if someone gave me a buck without my having to beg for it!

             (He takes the dollar and shoves it into the other man's face)

But not you!  Oh, no, you couldn't just say 'thank you' and take the buck and give it to some other guy  and let me feel good - no, you had to wave it in my face so I feel like shit!  Well, thank you, kind sir, for being a world class ass!

             (He turns, then thinks of something)

And next time, if you don't want any one feeling sorry for you, stay outta this park looking like this!  Put on your nice clothes and sit over in the fancy restaurant and give the waiter a tip yourself!  And I don't care if your father had you dragging his soggy lunch around and people looked at him funny!  I just care that you shouldn't make anyone else miserable when they really should be feeling good for helping someone!

             (He now takes the bill and puts it into his pocket, he starts to walk away)

End of this monologue

            (Note  -But for those who want some more info in order to prepare to perform this,the scene continues as the man with the briefcase  reaches out and touches his shoulder.)

Briefcase Man -  I'm sorry, did I really look so bad?

Dollar guy -  Yeah, you did.  You're a lawyer - what happened?  Did you lose a big, important case?

            (The man with the briefcase takes a deep breath.)

Briefcase- Worse......

Dollar-  What could be worse than losing?

Briefcase -  In this case......winning

             (The scene will continue in a one-act titled - One Foot in Each Door, coming soon- along with some names for these characters!))

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