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Monologue Mania Day #82 May 5, 2014 by Janet S. Tiger Under the Mountain (part 2) (c) 2014

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May 5, 2014 Day #81 Monologue Mania by Janet S. Tiger (c) 2014  


(The woman returns.  She is still dressed like a pioneer, but much more       fashionably, one might even be impressed with the fancy shawl.  She is holding a  package wrapped in paper and string)

Remember how I told how we started digging through the mountain with a spoon?

The funny thing about doing something crazy is that sometimes, when you do that, crazy things keep happening.

See this spoon?  Simple, wooden.  There is no mistaking its purpose.

Yet if you were to take it, and really start trying to dig through a mountain, people would laugh.
Like everyone did when I said we could survive traveling to Europe – with no money.
Like taking a spoon and digging through a mountain.

Yet there really was a family that went across the country – and were at a mountain, and the husband and wife started fighting about which way was better.
The wife got so angry, she took the wooden spoon and started digging at the mountain for real.
The husband got furious – he yelled and screamed and the others tried to stop them fighting.  It was not the most pleasant moment of the journey.

And then, one of the younger travelers- he had been to college, but dropped out to make his fortune in the great west – this young man looked at the spoon.

He took it from the woman and examined it, then he started to laugh.

Everyone thought he was crazier than the married couple.

But he just smiled at them and explained something he had learned in chemistry.

Chemical changes occur for different reasons – and the spoon had turned a turquoise blue for the probable reason that….the mountain was probably made mostly of copper ore…..
They were rich…..all of them!  They had found what we in Nevada call the Copper Spoon
 Mine…….And now all they had to do was survive.

How true that is of all of us.  We are all rich, we all have the chance to touch richness every day if we just pick up that wooden spoon! Challenge those who say you can't do it!  Challenge yourself to do it!  ...Challenge the mountain!......My children and I may have had no money, but we knew of our bounty, which was why we could go to Europe with no money – and never worry.

We toured 12 countries, ate like kings, had incredible adventures with princes and gypsies - and made friends we still have to this day.

So anytime you have the idea the mountain is too high – or the winter too cold, or the troubles too grand…….

            (She opens the string and package to show the wooden spoon, now in a case like a valuable jewel)

………please take one of these….

            (She starts to walk off, turns back.)

And give yourself a whack on the head until you remember what it’s all about!

            (She smiles and exits.  The end.)

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