Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Monologue Mania Day #853 Senior Channel's Mystery Theater (30 second version) by Janet S. Tiger (c) June 14, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #853 Senior Channel's Mystery Theater (30 second version) by Janet S. Tiger (c) June 14,  2016

Please note -this is for my book - 30 Monologues Under 30 Seconds     
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                          Senior Channel's Mystery Theater
                                   A 30ish second monologue by Janet S. Tiger   
                                                         © all rights reserved  2015                                                                                                                       tigerteam1@gmail.com                                                                            

          (Actor dressed remarkably like Alfred Hitchcock  comes onstage and bows)

Welcome....to the Senior Channel's........ Mystery Theater!

Every night.....a new mystery.......can you figure it out before the detective?

We had a wonderful response to yesterday's mystery of....the missing glasses!  Everyone loved our new mantra.....'it's ten o'clock...do you know where your glasses are?'

And last week, even the queen loved our delightful....and based on a true story! - the case of the disappearing donut hole!  Who would have guessed - it was blown away!

And tonight we mystify you with the.... 'where is it now' wallet!

So stay tuned.....if you can find the remote that is!  But don't worry, if the remote is missing, maybe it will be our next featured mystery on.......Senior Channel Mystery Theater!.......where our motto is.....now you see it.....now you don't!

       (There is a flash of light.....and the actor is gone!  Along with many other items......)

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